Dorsett Shoals has partnered with two church plants by taking up a special offering on the first Sunday of each month and through prayer partners.  An update is usually sent out to the prayer partners each Friday with any updates on either of these church plants.  This lets us know what is going on and is a reminder for us to pray for them.



New Genesis church is located at 4293 Austell Road, Austell, GA 30106 and is a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic congregation.  Bro. Al Johnson is their pastor.  Many is the congregation are from the Caribbean and many do not have a church background.  Their emphasis is reaching the unsaved in their community while striving to become self-supporting.



Starting Point Church is located in Burlington, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto.  Bro. Mike Hauser is their pastor.  This is the church for people who do not go to church.  There is much community outreach to let citizens in the area know that they are there, where they are located, and that their atmosphere is different.  They have Sunday Morning worship service, but try other things to entice a community that is much different from what we have in the Bible Belt.